Lawful Rebellion – Magna Carta – Article 61

The Magna Carta Society

Lawful Rebellion




Petition (Letter of Complaint) to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 – on Date TBA. 

Our Rights – What part of forever can be repealed?  It cannot!  There is Tyranny once again in and upon the People of England.  This is the third time Tyranny has taken control,  on previous occasions the solution;

1. The Magna Carta is the peace treaty (which is being ignored).

2. The Glorious Revolution The Bill of Rights 1688/9 (which is being ignored).

3. Article 61. Magna Carta invoked 8th February 2001 (which is being ignored).

If MC1215 were irrelevant, why would Leolin Price Q.C. have sanctioned the petition to the Queen, delivered 8th February 2001? This petition then led to Article 61 being invoked the following month. Surely if Magna Carta was void of relevance, such an educated practitioner of law would not have agreed it as both timely and relevant, not to mention legally sound? Surely the Queen would not have responded to it (however inappropriately) but rather simply ignored it as void. (Para: June 4, 2017 Connor Wilkinson)

On this occasion the solution;

4. Petition to Her Majesty,  at Buckingham Palace,  by the People of England on The Day of ———- ——-, in The Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Seventeen.  The People of England, Wish, Will and Pray, The Monarch to Stand by her Oath taken on Her Coronation. Redeem the Crowns Perjury. Amen.


The People of England on The Day of _________  _______, in The Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Seventeen.  The people of England, Wish, Will and Pray,  The Monarch to Stand by her Oath taken on Her Coronation. Amen.

The presentment: Perjury Contrary to Common Law.

presertim leges et consuetudines et libertates a glorioso rege Edwardo clero populoque concessas

concedis iustas leges et consuetudines esse tenendas, et promittis per te eas esse protegendas, et ad honorem Dei corroborandas, quas uulgus elegerit secundum uires tuas

quas vulgus elegerit

The Word “Vulgus” refers to the Common People not the Political Elite, Corporations or The Banks.

Redeem the Crowns Perjury.

The remedy at Lex Terrae:

Void all Laws that infringe (do not improve) our ancient rights and customs;

  1. Void all firearm acts that infringe the rights of Englishmen and Women who are Christian to defend themselves.
  2. Reclassify Islam as a Genocidal and Political Ideology.
    1. Read United Nations Treaty 280/1951 Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Pay Particular attention to “Constitutionally responsible rulers” Article 4.
    2. Read Dr Bill Warners – Sharia Law for Non-Muslims – and Statistical Islam – as your Judges have been asked to do in the High Court.
  3. Void The European Communities Act 1972
    1. This is Perjury of the Oath.  It must be made VOID.
  4. Classify The Fabian Society and its members as an Enemy of the Realm (past and present).
    1. The Fabian Society is the “Dagger in the Heart of England and the Commonwealth” remove the Dagger and Heal our Heart.
    2. Prosecute for High Treason all those that have acted as trojans against England under their emblem “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”.