Rebellion Forms/Instructions

Lawful Rebellion:  

What is it? The Magna Carta 1215 (The Great Charter) is a (not was) peace treaty. There was tyranny and the barons drew up a charter to guarantee our freedoms, rights and customs. It was the first known Human Rights Charter. Article 61 – Is the enforcement clause.  Any order, contract, treaty needs to have some form of enforcement.  The Great Charter was “in perpetuity” which means forever!  So any one that says it has been repealed ask them, “what part of forever is repealable?”  It can be improved but NEVER removed. It predates Parliament and is not a statute, it is one of 15 documents that make up OUR written constitution.  Our constitution is above statute. i.e statute stands under the constitution.  

Does being in lawful rebellion affect my benefits? No!  but do pick your battles else you’ll lose the war. Try to follow our strategy, stage 1 and stage 2 (other stages to follow)

Stage One (1)

The most important thing to do is to download, print, sign, date, get witnessed, copy (five times) then send via recorded delivery. That is you in lawful rebellion. See Forms, then Instructions on this menu

Stage two (2)

One of three venues will be chosen as the first rebellion en mass.  Either 1. The Royal Courts of Justice 2. Buckingham Palace 3. The Tower of London.  The Royal Courts of Justice and Buckingham Palace will be the “white feather drop”.  The Judiciary are acting in a cowardly manner and perjures itself with taking no action against tyrannous Parliament.