Reclassify Islam

SOS This is NOT terrorism, this is GENOCIDE!

Please share and like get this message out people. The Government are now saying the borders stay open for five years, that means Germany’s Foreign Legion of 1.5m young fighting men will have passports to join Sadiq Khan and other Mohammedans. This is the most dangerous time in our Countries History. England is under attack. Common Law is under attack.

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I will do updates on here and explain why this is so important but just ONE of the arguments is that the entire boards of every corporation within the Jurisdiction of the acceding, accenting or ratifying Countries is complicit in Genocide and aiding and abetting Genocide.

We have three JR

1.  RKBA

2. Reclassify Islam as genocidal and political ideology

3. Void The European Communities Act 1972 (not repeal VOID, yes it is unconstitutional and therefore VOID)



Genocidal, Political Ideology = Islam