The Royal Courts of Justice


Why white feathers? The custom of white feathers for cowardice stems from cock fighting, if a cock has a white feather it normally lost and it had no heart in the fight.

During WW1 many men were presented with white feathers as a symbol of cowardice if seen on the streets in “civvies”.   Lots of working class men went to their deaths because of that campaign (Disgusting).

Those poor souls died for us, often on a whistle blown by an officer, they charged from the trenches into a hail of machine gun fire.  Most died instantly, others drowned in mud wounded.  This is in addition to continuous shelling.  Remember those that suffered mental illness from battle stress were executed via the orders of the same elites.

Political Correctness has now entered our Judicial System, Parliament and Crown estates.  We need the Judges to stand up for us as we once fought for this Country.  Instead, they are appointed by the corrupted commons and if they Judge against Statute even when it is contrary to our Constitutional Law, they would either be sacked, lose work, or even their pension.  They (High Court Judges) are on £245,000 a year of our tax money yet do not represent us.  We need to make sure they know we think they are cowards by protecting their own interests.

What we planning? White feather drop at The Royal Courts of Justice, in London and


Gain Lawful access, Prayer meeting, drop white feathers a message to Judges.